La La Lucille

Dear World

"Zachary Dean, playing multiple roles, shows his versatility. Also an intern, Zachary Dean is right there delivering the goods, particularly as the house detective with an Irish brogue trying to figure out the frayed and frazzled honeymoon suite shenanigans.



- Warren Gerds  We Are Green Bay

"Dean has such a warm presence onstage that it’s a little sinister seeing him play an asshole industrialist villain.


......Dean’s got quite a voice. In the un-amped acoustics of Plymouth Church everyone’s voice is quite powerful..Dean, He’s out there in a solo bit for a fraction of a second and he delivers a really, really powerful vocal crescendo. It’s remarkable."


- Russ Bickerstaff The Small Stage

Coraline the Musical

"Zachary Dean, with a surprisingly solid soprano voice, stands out as an dotty retired actress. She and her co-thespian, played by Tess Masias sing a nostalgic tribute to the glories of the old English stage. ."


- Jeff Grygny Play On Milwaukee

"Tess Masias and Zachary Dean are pleasantly odd as a pair of retired actresses on both sides of the door."


- Russ Bickerstaff Shephered Express

Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson

"..Really happy to see Zachary Dean in a comic role with darker undertones as Martin Van Buren--a man characterized as being comically taken with Jackson until he is forced to be Vice President for a man who doesn’t know the limits of his own presidency. Dean continues to be a uniquely distinctive presence onstage that fits perfectly into a larger ensemble without overshadowing anyone else.."


- Russ Bickerstaff Shephered Express Curtains

25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee

"Zachary Dean's earnestness resonates with stricking clarity through the awkwardly verbose William Barfee"


- Russ Bickerstaff Shephered Express

"Dean's Fester is high energy, bouncy and lots of fun to watch cavorting all over the stage"


- Marilyn Jozwik Lake Country Now

Anything Goes

"...Zachary Dean in the role of the less-than-notorious criminal Moonface Martin. Dean has a clever grasp of Porter’s humor in one of the most thoroughly comic roles in the show. His usually sunny pleasantness is pleasantly shadowed in the role with a degree of roguish charm that serves the role well. Dean’s affability is blended into the rich, emotional atmosphere of a satisfying musical comedy."


- Russ Bickerstaff Shephered Express

Recipient of 2015-16  Sunset Spotlight Trooper Award


"Milwaukee Opera Theatre presented a one-night concert rendition of "1776" to a wildly enthusiastic audience in a sold-out Turner Hall Ballroom. Directed by Paula Suozzi and involving a star-stuffed cast of more than two dozen performers, it's assured a permanent place in the annals of Milwaukee theater history....Turner Hall was filled with those artists Monday night, and their outpouring of support and love for their performing colleagues was no less extraordinary for being fully deserved. To steal and bend a lyric from "Hamilton," it's the latest reminder, coming toward the end of another great theater season here, of how lucky we are to be alive right now."


- Mike Fischer Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

"Zachary Dean radiates endearing warmth in a pleasantly musical mutation of Jackie Coogan’s Uncle Fester. Dean’s cleverly casual emotional affability in the role serves as a touching anchor for the show’s action."


- Russ Bickerstaff Shephered Express

Recipient of 2015-16 Sunset Spotlight Best Supporting Actor Award

The Addams Family